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Roman Catholic Mariology is the area of theology concerned with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. "The Blessed Virgin, because she is the Mother of God, is believed to hold a certain infinite dignity from the infinite good which is God." Theologically, Roman Catholic Mariology deals with not only her life but also her veneration in daily life, prayer, and Marian art, music, and architecture; in modern and ancient Christianity throughout the ages.

Roman Catholic Mariology is ongoing and continues to be shaped not only by papal encyclicals but also by the interplay of forces ranging from the writings of the saints to the construction of major Marian churches at the sites of Marian apparitions to children on remote mountains based on sensus fidelium. In some cases, sensus fidelium has in time influenced Marian papal decisions, providing Mariology with a "theology of the people" component that distinguishes it from other parts of formal theology. In terms of popular following, membership in Roman Catholic Marian Movements and Societies has grown significantly in the 20th century.

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