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 On March 25, 1945, the Virgin Mary appeared as Our Lady of All Nations and delivered her message to Ida Peerdeman, a single woman who was 40 years old at that time, living in Amsterdam. Ida continued to receive messages from her (56 in all) until 1950. Much emphasis was placed on the Eucharist, which can save the world. Following are excerpts from some of the messages:

 “I see on my left somebody standing over me in a long white garment, full of womanly grace. I understand her to be the Blessed Virgin. She lifts up three, then four, and finally five fingers while saying to me, "The 3 stands for March, the 4 for April, and the 5 for May 5th." Then she shows me her Rosary and says, "This has saved you. Persevere to the end [in saying it]." After a brief silence she adds, "The prayer is to be made known everywhere." Then in front of me I see nothing but soldiers, many of them Allies, and the Blessed Virgin is pointing to them. She takes the crucifix of her Rosary in her hand and points at it and then again to the soldiers. I am given to understand that the Cross must become the support of the lives of those soldiers, for the voice continues: "They will soon go home now --- these here", and she points to the troops.

"I ask, "Are you Mary?"

"She smiles and answers, "They will call me 'The Lady Mother'." The figure walks past me and then I look at the palm of my hand. A cross is being laid down before me and I have to take it up. I do so very slowly; it is heavy. All at once everything is gone." (First Apparition, March 25, 1945)

"The Lady looks at me and moves a warning finger from side to side, saying, "Listen, mankind. You will preserve peace if you believe in Him. Make this known," she adds. This is repeated three times. While speaking, she puts a crucifix in my hand and I have to hold it up in all directions for everyone to see. The Lady points to the crucifix." (April 21, 1945)

"I hear the voice again and suddenly I see a sacrifice being offered as in ancient times. The smoke, however, hangs over the altar. I hear the voice say, "Yahweh warns His people." Then I hear, "Be faithful. They have scattered my lambs." Then the Lady plants a crucifix upon the sacrificial altar and I see, as it were, the whole world gathered around it. The people, however, are standing there with downcast looks and turned away from the cross. "Come, my faithful ones!" the voice now calls and I see a chalice being offered to the crowd. "But for a number of them in vain", I hear the voice say. I feel an impulse to look up and all at once I see the Lady standing before me. She smiles, extends her arms and calls invitingly, "Come." A large number of men of all sorts is now standing before me: "gentlemen", "rough men" and men dressed in black (priests and religious). Among then all there is a mixture of good and not so good. The Lady urges them to follow her, promising to guide them. Now I see a long and hard road before me, at the end of which there is a great light. "This way", says the Lady, and with an impressive gesture she indicates to the men that they have to walk along this road. The going is very difficult. On both sides men are falling away. The Lady watches with motherly solicitude and keeps smiling at them compassionately. Then I see written before me, "Be renewed in Jesus Christ." After this the Lady looks sad and says, "England will find her way back to me." She pauses and then adds very slowly and quietly, "So will America." Then the Lady disappears and I see a peculiar cloud hanging over the world." (July 29, 1945)

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