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The nation of Vietnam was embroiled in power struggles and revolutions during the 18th century, but by 1792 a dynasty had been established with the passing of King Quang Trung and enthronement of his son, who became King Canh Thinh. He perceived an enemy in the Catholic Church and began a cruel persecution of the religion that lasted till 1886.

The Lady of Lavang came to the Vietnamese people in a forest of La’ Vang trees. The name Lavang also comes from the Vietnamese word meaning "Crying out", as the people were for succor. The first apparition of the Lady of Lavant occurred in August, 1798 when refugees from the town of Quang Tri hid in the forest. She appeared as a beautiful lady wearing a dress and long cape, holding a baby and accompanied by two angels.

The Virgin Mother gave the people solace and instructed them the boil the la’ vang leaves for use as a medicine. She also said that from that day on, all who come to this place would have their prayers heard and answered and answered. At one point, a group of 30 Catholics martyrs asked to be executed there, and they were.

A tiny church was built at the site, which became a refuge for thousands of Christians for over a century. The Blessed Lady appeared many times during that period. After the persecution ended in 1886, an official church was built there, but it was destroyed in 1972 during the Vietnam War.

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