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The Blessed Mother appeared 19 times in 1948 to Teresita Catillo, a novice in the Carmelite order in Lipa City, Philippines. She stood in radiant beauty on a cloud with a golden Rosary clasped in her hands. Her message emphasized the need for humble prayer and penance. She identified herself thus:

"I am the Mediatrix of All Grace".

The Mediatrix told several secrets to Teresita, who said that there was one for herself, one for the convent, one for China, and one for all humanity. Our Lady requested that a statue of her be erected at the site of her visitation. A blue bird reportedly appeared repeatedly at the vine where Our Lady manifested, and there were accounts of a spinning sun (per Fatima), the fragrance of roses, and showers of rose petals that bore miraculous images of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and scenes such as the Crucifixion! The petals are said to have remarkable powers of healing.

Teresita experienced many other mystical visions that included angels, many saints, and the Sacred Heart. She was seen to enter an unconscious trance in which she would enact the Crucifixion. The apparitions caused much disturbance in the community, and the convent was persecuted. All records of the apparitions, including Teresita’s diary, were destroyed. The statue of Our Lady was hidden by the nuns, however, thus saving it from destruction. The convent was sealed and the nuns were forbidden to speak to any outsiders. Teresita left the convent in the 1950s under the pressure of negative media and fraudulent "Holy Rose Petal" vendors who were exploiting the situation. The apparitions ceased.

Then in February 1990, a new appearance occurred in Lipa City’s Granja District. The glowing form of a woman in prayer appeared on one of the leaves of a coconut tree. It was visible only in the evening. On her deathbed on May 21,1990, Sister Aphonse begged that the statue of the Mediatrix be restored to the convent’s chapel ; her wish was granted the next day, and the statue was displayed again for the first time in 40 years.

On January 24, 1991, rose petals once again fell from the sky at the Carmelite convent, and a few days later several children who were playing in the convent garden saw the statue become animated.

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